Tugende Design

We are launching the Tugende Design initiative (while we are officially filing to become a non profit organization) to support our community projects for women and children in Uganda. 

Tugende means "let's go" in Luganda, one of the local languages in Uganda. We think Tugende is fitting for our initative because we are on the go and we want to encourage others to go and follow their dreams. But most importantly, we want all of us to go, to travel, to grow as humans and to go help people who need us. The Tugende Design initiative is born from Professor Swahn's global health research and community projects in the slums of Kampala and elsewhere. 

This initiative will provide funds for projects that will support women and children in need. The colorful products that we design and sell are bought using fair-trade practices to support the women who make them. Many of our products are also designed to support recycling initiatives by reusing fabric scraps and magazine pages for jewelry and small crafts. 

The proceeds from the sales of these products will go directly to support priority projects with clear goals and objectives. Professor Swahn travels to Uganda several times a year and will monitor each project closely to ensure that the objectives are "SMART" (i.e., specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely). She has worked with many community organizations as part of her research and community building projects and is eager to give back to these communities in a meaningul and impactful way. She lends her expertise and committment to these projects to ensure their success. 

Our products are for sale in an Etsy shop: www.etsy.com/shop/TugendeDesign