Tugende Design

​​​Professor Swahn teaches global health to students at Georgia State University and also took a class of students to Uganda this past spring for a course on alcohol and harm. Her own research focuses on health-risk behaviors and disparities. The findings from her research is used in the development and implementation of prevention strategies in communities where she works.

Prof Swahn has been working in Uganda for the past 6 years, traveling there frequently to support ongoing research and projects. She is particularly proud of her efforts to better understand the needs of children and young adults in the slums of Kampala. She is very passionate about trying to reduce alcohol use among minors and improving their health. 

She is so excited about the Tugende Design Initiative as she has always had a great interests in crafts and sewing. And, the dream of designing new products has been on the wish list for a long time. We hope that you are inspired by our colorful and uplifting jewelry,  crafts and bags and want to support our cause.