Tugende Design

Necklaces from Paper Beads

The paper beads are handrolled  from magazine papers and varnished for durability, an incredibly time-consuming process. The beads vary in sizes, colors and shaped. And, Dr Swahn has designed some with pediatric textbook pages for an added twist and emphasis on health promotion.

Colorful Bags in African Fabrics

These bright, bold, colorful and amazing fabrics are what make these bags such a pleasure to use. We have thought of little details to make them practical as well, but we know you will just love the fabrics! 

These beautiful necklaces & bags are for sale in our Etsy Shop www.etsy.com/shop/TugendeDesign

Purses from Paper Beads

These unique purses made of the nad-rolled beads are really signature pieces. Most of ours also include seed beeds or other beads to add some bling. The women who make these for us are truly talented and gifted with patience as the preparation, just of the beads are incredibly time consuming.